Hand-painted canvas

New in our studio is a hand-painted canvas that will help move your photos back several centuries. The canvas measures 2.3×2 meters and is especially suitable for portraits.

Další novinky

Electronic lock

We have newly installed an electronic remote lock in the studio - thanks to this, the studio can be accessed even on extremely unpopular dates on weekends and late in the evening 🙂 So now we are truly open 24/7/365 🙂

Light bars new in the studio

We are now offering our guests the opportunity to install light bars (fluorescent lights) on tripods and create an effect similar to the one in the photo. We have a total of 9 fluorescent lights available that can be fixed on tripods - you just have to take into...

We have a new photo tent

So there is no problem with the size of the tent. A new photo tent has arrived and the dimensions are really decent, you can fit anything here...

Yellow photo background

We now have a 2.72m wide paper yellow photo background available in the studio

New leather chair

We bought a stylish black leather armchair for the studio, so you can seat your guests comfortably for the photo shoot.