Studio equipment

Constant lights
  • 4x Permanent flat light, together corresponding to a power of 2,000 W
  • 3x LED reflektor PAR
  • 2x RGB rods with adjustable color (short, battery-operated, approx. 30 cm)
  • 7x fluorescent bars (more time-consuming installation, count about 30 minutes extra)
Flashing lights
  • 3x power 400W
  • 1x power 600W
  • trigger
Other equipment
  • Tripods
  • softboxes, stripbox, octabox
  • beauty dish
  • softboxes and lights have a bowens bayonet
  • reflector flaps
  • color filters
Photo background
  • Paper backgrounds: white, black, gray, yellow, green, pink, purple, oxford blue
Video background
  • green screen
  • Theater fogger
  • Laser
Product photo
  • product table (must be arranged in advance, as standard we have it laid out)
  • artificial ice cubes
  • glycerin
360° photography
  • turntable for taking 360° photos
  • white color, adjustable number of positions and rotation speed
  • load capacity 3 kg
  • Blackmagic ATEM Mini Pro mixer
  • 4x HDMI input
  • ability to stream to any platform
  • recording option
  • 3 cameras (2x Lumix GH5, 1x Lumix S5)

We will be happy to help you create a video or photo! Do not hesitate to contact us.